Hipster Skull and Crossbones Name Labels

Skully Loves Halloween

How could we not introduce you to Skully from our Hipster Collection the week before Halloween? After all it’s his fave holiday. And yes, he knows that’s a bit of a cliché!

Here are a few of Skully’s much-loved (and often repeated) Halloween jokes, the ones that never fail to tickle his funny bone:

Q: What did the skeleton order for dinner?
A: Spare ribs!

Q: How did the skeleton know it was going to rain?
A: He could feel it in his bones!

Q: Who was the most famous skeleton detective?
A: Sherlock Bones!

He may come into his own at this time of year but Skully makes a great icon on our labels year-round. He’s the perfect icon to mark your territory (and your gear) with his signature skull and crossbones that’s just scary enough to keep your kids’ gear coming home time after time!

boston terrier dog name labels

Buster’s Our Best Friend

Meet Buster Dog from our Hipster Collection, Buster exemplifies all things dog! He’s like a dog with a bone when it comes to his love of bones and he’s always up for a walk, always.

In true hipster fashion Buster’s developed a signature tail wag that’s the envy of his pack but that – and everything else – falls by the wayside if he spots a squirrel.

Buster truly is man’s best friend and if you order our labels with Buster on them you can take him to school with you, and to restaurants, and to the library. And he’ll never chew on your shoes, instead he’ll be stuck inside them via our handy shoe labels making sure everyone knows which cool kicks are yours!

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